Our gust house, 10min drive away from Ishigaki Airport is located in front of Shiraho Beach where is famous for blue corals. The sunrise view from the patio of the house and fun interactions with the magnificent nature of the island will be a great experience.

The original landscape of Yaeyama has been retained in Shiraho Village, it is the private lodging facility which is a traditional Japanese quaint house relocated from Hida. And we offer yoga and massages for people who need to relax in a peaceful and friendly environment. English and French available.

10min drive from Uehara Port. Our hotel is located in the western part of Iriomote Island and is surrounded by the cobalt blue ocean, the subtropical jungle of Yaeyama Palm trees, the mangrove forest at Urauchi River, And stargazing of the starry sky is an absolute breathtaking experience.

【Funauki】 The private cottage is located in Funauki, Iriomote Island and 10min walk to Ida Beach. There is a wide open wooden-deck terrace used as an outdoor living room. The cottage has the great nature view with the collaboration of the ocean and mountains. A fully equipped kitchen is available to cook and recommend for long-stay guests.


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