Information about the facilities on each island

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Ishigaki Island

Our hotel is 25min drive from Ishigaki Airport and located in a quiet area of the city. There is a bus stop which is convenient to visit various sightseeing spots, downtown and euglena-ishigaki Ferry Terminal to access to other islands.

Our hotel is located 4min walk from eugrena-ishigaki Ferry Terminal, which allows convenient access to the other islands. And it also accessible to downtown, Misakicho to enjoy the island culture and , Euglena Mall and Ishigaki Public Market.

Our hotel is located in Hirakubo, 30min drive from Ishigaki Airport. It is in the innermost area of Ishigaki and surrounded by an untouched great nature. During the stay, beauty of the ocean, sunset and stars can be fully enjoyable.

Our guest house, 7min drive away from Ishigaki Airport is located in front of Shiraho Beach, where is famous for blue corals. The sunrise from the rooftop and the magnificent nature of the Island allow you to have a great experiences.

The original landscape of Yaeyama has been retained in Shiraho Village, it is the private lodging facility which is a traditional Japanese quaint house relocated from Hida. And we offer yoga and massages for people who need to relax in a peaceful and friendly environment. English and French available.

Iriomote Island

Our guest house is located in eastern part of Iriomote Island near Shiira River in Komi Village and is limited to one group of guests per day. It will be an unforgettable experience of an island's slow-life with a traditional red tile roof house and fresh and natural food from the island.

Our hotel is located in Iriomote Island, 3min drive from Uehara Port. We offer garden view rooms with beautiful palm trees and breathtaking ocean view rooms. There is Pinaisara Waterfall close by to feel the great nature of the island.

10min drive from Uehara Port. Our hotel is located in the western part of Iriomote Island and is surrounded by the cobalt blue ocean, the subtropical jungle of Yaeyama Palm trees, the mangrove forest at Urauchi River, And stargazing of the starry sky is an absolute breathtaking experience.

【Funauki】 The private cottage is located in Funauki, Iriomote Island and 10min walk to Ida Beach. There is a wide open wooden-deck terrace used as an outdoor living room. The cottage has the great nature view with the collaboration of the ocean and mountains. A fully equipped kitchen is available to cook and recommend for long-stay guests.


Tours to islands

We regularly operate ferries to Taketomi, Iriomote, Kohama, Kuroshima, Hateruma Island from Ishigaki Island where our company is based on. We also offer a day sightseeing tours and a variety of tour activities. The most popular tour is “A boat hopping to Iriomote, Yubu, Taketomi islands tour” with a tour guide.

Our shop is based at Ishigaki Port and offer a variety of tours to enjoy Yaeyama Islands, such as an islands’ hopping tour for a day to enjoy Yaeyama islands and a tour that can easily join in a short time.

We offer various tour activities such as island hopping around Yaeyama Islands, kayaking, trekking and Segway tours. As well as we offer night sky tours.

Based on Ishigaki Island, we regularly operate ferries to Iriomote, Taketomi, Kohama, Kuroshima, Hatoma and Hateruma islands. And also offering various day trip sightseeing tours to the islands.


【Ishigaki Island】Salt producing experience
The history of salt producing in the Yaeyama Islands began about 303 years ago. It started with making salt from seawater in Nagura Bay, Ishigaki Island. And yet the professional craftsmen have been making 100% natural "Ishigaki Salt" at its birthplace. There is also a factory shop which can experience salt producing, and its on-line reservation is available.

【Ishigaki Island】Scuba diving
The shop is located near Kabira Bay with a full of nature, and we guide to fun diving points with beautiful coral reefs, manta rays and sea turtles. Our friendly and experienced staff from all around the world provide safe and enjoyable time.

【Ishigaki Island】Scuba diving/Snorkelling/Parasailing
Based on Ishigaki Island, we offer fun activities like snorkelling and scuba diving tours at the ocean, and parasailing in the sky. The popular tour is a safe and enjoyable parasailing/snorkelling tour for beginners.

【Iriomote Island】Canoeing/ snorkelling/ scuba diving/tours
We offer canoeing, snorkelling, scuba diving and night tours. Our experienced guide takes to the ocean, the mountains and the rivers in Iriomote Island. Guest house is also available, so possible to stay overnight.

【Ishigaki Island】Glass sculpture experience
3min walk from Ishigaki Port. The glass workshop studio in front of 730 intersection can experience glass artwork, such as a glass sculpture, a photo frame, a nameplate and a lamp making. And you can make the only and memorable original glass work that is the only one in the world.

【Ishigaki Island】Limestone cave
It has been taking more than 200,000years for the nature to create and the largest in Ishigaki Island, the southernmost of Japan. Not only the natural beauty of stalactites, but also magical brilliance of illumination and sound of dropping water makes its original world of ambience.

【Ishigaki Island】Kayaking/SUP tour
20min drive from Ishigaki Airport. Our shop is located right in front of the beautiful Nagura Bay, the largest bay on the island where mangrove forests and various plants and animals lively inhabiting. Our qualified guides kindly offer safe and enjoyable tours.

【Iriomote Island】Jungle cruise/canoeing/trekking/SUP
15min drive from Uehara Port. It is very enjoyable to feel the magnificent nature with canoeing, trekking and a jungle cruise tour on the largest river in Okinawa, Urauchi River in the western part of Iriomote Island and goes through mangrove forests.

【Iriomote Island】Canoeing/trekking/tours
Our shop holds small-group guided tours around Uehara Port area, Iriomote Island. Using Sea Kayaking and trekking for moving and guiding Iriomote Island where the untouched nature remains. There is a pick-up service to the port available, so visitors for a day trip are also welcome.

【Iriomote Island】Canoeing/trekking/tours
We offer tours in the western part of Iriomote Island that all generations can enjoy such as private family tours and canoeing and trekking tours which make everyone smile. Free transportation from Uehara Port is also available.

【Iriomote Island】Canoeing/trekking/tours
Our shop in the western part of Iriomote Island offers tours with a small group for beginners and a variety of tours such as kayaking, trekking, canyoning and limestone cave exploration in all around Iriomote Island. Free transportation to Uehara Port is available.

【Yonaguni Island】Scuba diving
Our shop is the oldest scuba diving shop in Yonaguni Island, the westernmost part of Japan. It is very enjoyable and explorable with rare creatures such as Hammerhead Shark and the Underwater Ruins during the winter and Barracuda and Red-Ledged Goby during the summer.