Yaeyama Islands

The Yaeyama Islands are approx. 400km away from Okinawa Main Island. Each island is surrounded with a sea of coral reefs and is home to rare wild animals. Yaeyama is also known not only for its starry nighttime skies, but also for being one of the few regions in Japan from where the Southern cross is visible.

The numerous natural wonders make it a treasure chest of nature. The Yaeyama Islands consist of Ishigaki city, Taketomi town, and Yonaguni town, which are made up of Ishigaki Island, the center of the islands, the southernmost Hateruma Island, the westernmost Yonaguni Island, Iriomote Island, Kuroshima Island, Taketomi Island, Hatoma Island, Aragusuku Islands, Yubu Island, and Kayama Island.

Ishigaki City
Ishigaki City

Ishigaki Island is the economic and administrative center, as well as the hub of tourism and starting point for visiting the surrounding islands. These are many commercial facilities and options for accommodation. Once you leave the city you can enjoy the rich local nature of mountains and fields. Of the many typical scenic spots, Kabira-bay is the most famouse. The only means to access Ishigaki from the Japanese mainland is by flight, direct or via Naha airport.

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Taketomi Town

Taketomi is an island town consisting of nine inhabited islands in the Yaeyama Islands.

Taketomi Island has retained its traditional townscape, such as folk dwellings with red roof tiles and white sand paths. 90% of the island is occupied by subtropical forests and is a rare wildlife habitat. Walking through the jungles and mangrove rivers are a unique experience to enjoy. Sugar cane fields spread across peaceful island Kohama Island, and there are hotels and a golf course on the east side serving as a resort destination. Hateruma is an inhabited island, the southernmost point of Japan. The star-filled sky with the southern cross so clearly visible from Hateruma is not to be missed. Cattle farms spread across Kuroshima Island. Hatoma and Aragusuku Islands are surrounded by coral reefs.The marine area of coral reefs between Iriomote Island and Ishigaki Island is called the Sekisei Lagoon.

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Yonaguni Town

Yonaguni Island, lying appronximately 111 km from Taiwan, is located close to the border of Japan and is the westernmost island of Japan. The mountains of Taiwan are visible from the island a few times a year.
The dynamic view of cliffs struck by rough waves is unique among the Yaeyama Islands. The underwater ruins, a mysterious structure in the bottom of sea, is also a viewing spot.’
Yonaguni-uma’, a horse native to Yonaguni island, is also small and lovely. In the winter, you can also see hammerhead sharks near Yonaguni Island.

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