In Yaeyama, various events take place through a year,
and many of those events are held according to the old lunar calendar.

Yaeyama Star Festival

【Ishigaki Island】

The event is held in July 7th on lunar calendar to celebrate “Tanabata” and stargaze as all lights in the town are off. The evening music live will also be held.

Soron【Traditional Event】

【Each region】 Lunar calendar, July 13 till early morning of 16th

Obon festival in Yaeyama islands are remarkable to experience. "Angama" and “Eisa-(the traditional dance)“ are performed to worship all ancestors on the land.
It is said that "Angama" is a group of spirits that come from afterlife, and visits houses in an area to entertain people with sanshins, flutes and drams.

Mushama【Traditional Event】

【Hateruma Island】 Lunar calendar, July 14th

It is one of the events held in Hateruma island in July 14th based on Luna Calendar to follow rituals to pray for the good harvest. It is the busiest day in the Island.


【Ishigaki Island】

“Tubarama” is a traditional singing contest that has registered to Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is also known as the singing competition held in the southernmost part of Japan for the purpose of inheritance and development of the tradition.

Kitsugansai【Traditional Event】

【Each region】 Lunar calendar, August to October

The festival is held to give thanks for the granting of wishes during a previous year. It happens every region of Yeayama islands. Kitsugansai in Kohama, however, is designated as the Japanese significant intangible cultural heritage.

Shichi【Traditional Event】

【Iriomote Island and other island】 Lunar calendar, August to October

The festival is for appreciating to the bountiful grain harvest of each year and praying for a future harvest and healths and development of the village.
"Shichi" in Iriomote Island has been lasted approximately 500 years long and is designated as an significant intangible cultural heritage of Japan.

Tanadui【Traditional Event】

【Taketomi Island】 Lunar calendar, September to October

"Tanadui" is a festival to start seeding rice on the purified land and it has 600 years of history and designated as an significant intangible cultural heritage of Japan.
It is the biggest festival in Taketomi Island and more than 80 traditional performances are dedicated to gods. It is a fascinating for both local and non-resident audiences.

Ishigakijima Festival(Ishigaki Island Festival)

【Ishigaki Island】

It is the largest event in Ishigaki Island and is held on the first Saturday in November every year.
Live performances by various artists on the stage and local food from food stalls are very enjoyable. The main part of the festival is the big street parade on the last day of the festival.

Westernmost Yonagunijima marathon

【Yonaguni Island】

One of the three biggest Yaeyama Marathons
2 courses : 25km, 10km
An afterparty will be held in the evening.

Pottery Festival

【Ishigaki Island】

All Yaeyama pottery artworks are exhibited and sold once every year in the pottery festival.

Ishigakijima(Ishigaki Island) Marathon

【Ishigaki Island】

One of the three biggest Yaeyama Marathons
3 courses : Full Marathon, 24km, 10km
It starts and finishes at the Ishigaki Central Sports Park.

Yamaneko Marathon

【Iriomote Island】

Kuroshima Island Cattle Festival

【Kuroshima Island】

The event is held in the last Sunday of Feb. It has a raffle draw for a cow and a traditional music live to enjoy.

Yaeyama Beach Opening Ceremony

【Each region】

Yeayama islands is located in the southernmost part of Japan and the event is held in a different island every year.The event has a full of activities like praying for the safety on the ocean, the first swim of a year, the traditional dance performance, and the music show.

Funauki Otomatsuri(Music Festival)

【Iriomote Island】

The event takes place in Funauki village where there is no routes to the village and is known as an isolated island in the land.
Many musicians come and perform to liven up the event every year.

Ishigaki Triathlon/Yaeyama Triathlon

【Ishigaki Island】

The triathlon starts at 8:00am and is consisted of 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run for an individual race and a group race.

Hatoma Island Music Festival

【Hatoma Island】

The festival takes place in Hatoma Island in Golden Week Holidays. Many tourists visit the quiet and peaceful island to enjoy the traditional music and other various kinds of music.

Kaijinsai・Ha-ri【Traditional Event】

【Each region】 Lunar calendar, May 4th

It is a historical event in Okinawa to pray for the safety of the fishermen and for the bountiful harvests.
The fishermen compete in the traditional fishing boats called Haryusen.

Yonagunijima International Marine Fishing Tournament

【Yonaguni Island】

It is a traditional competition of fishing swordfishes by trolling and shore fishing for 2 days. An afterparty and event attractions will be also held for all participants.

Orion Beer Festival

【Ishigaki Island】

The event is presented by Orion Beer company. It is enjoyable to watch famous Japanese musicians performing and Okinawan traditional dance called “Eisa-” on the stage with fresh Orion Beer on a hand.

Hounensai【Traditional Harvest Event】

【Each region】 Lunar calendar, June

The festival is very important for locals to thank and pray for the good harvest of each year and the good health.